MaGIC Volcano Plot Tool

Welcome to the Volcano Plot Tool by the Molecular and Genomics Informatics Core (MaGIC).

About Volcano Plots

Volcano plots are a staple in differential expression analyses. In general, it is meant to visualize the differences seen in your direct comparisons. For example, if you are doing a treatment vs control experiment, you will be able to visualize the spread of each data point between the comparisons. Volcano plots are named after Plinian eruptions. As you visualize your data, you will see how the dispersion of your differential expression vs signficance values takes the shape of a volcanic eruption.

Data Sources

The data for volcano plots can come from any type of comparative data. A few examples are RNA-seq differential gene expression comparisons, ATAC-seq differential peak comparisons, proteomics differential protein comparisons, single cells pseudo-bulk differential gene expression comparisons etc.

Minimum requirements

To utilize this tool, at minimum you must have a tsv/csv table containing a column of identifiers (for example Gene IDs), a differential value (for example log2FoldChange), and significance values (for example padj). You can then upload your file to the application, select the respective columns, and plot your personal volcano plot!

Input Data


Plot Options